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Preprocessed Templates are not supported in VS2012


Support is still needed for preprocessed templates in VS2012. Currently I need to use VS2010 and rollback the projects from .net 4.5 to 4.0 so that I can generate files using my generator.

I need this functionality because it can generate multiple files and it can add the files to projects and source control.

I prefer preprocessed templates because it is a more natural way to write the templates. I need class inheritance. I don't like the "include"/"nested classes" mess that you get with the standard T4 Templates.

Currently, I use standard templates to start the process that uses my preprocessed templates. It works really slick. I'd like to integrate this process into VS2012 too, eventually.

I could download your source code for the VS2010 release and modify it, but that will take time and then when you finally do update the T4Toolbox to support VS2012/VS2013 I'll have to make changes again.

Standard templates are great for one offs, but in order to build a robust code generation framework preprocessed templates are needed. The T4Toolbox adds multifile support with VS Project and Source Control support. Nothing else out there does this.

Please consider adding this ASAP.