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VolatileAssembly still locks dependent DLLs

Sep 22, 2010 at 7:16 PM

I have the following scenario, and VolatileAssembly ALMOST works:

  • I have a T4 template that uses reflection on all types in the assembly where the template resides, and generates some helper code.
  • Let's call this project Project1.
  • This project has a reference to another project in my solution, Project2.
  • If I use VolatileAssembly in my T4 template to reference Project1.dll, then run the template:
    • Project1.dll in the Project1 bin\Debug folder does not get locked, awesome.
    • Project2.dll in the Project1 bin\Debug folder DOES get locked, bummer.

Would it be difficult to make VolatileAssembly work with this scenario, and not lock the DLLs associated with child references to other projects in the solution?