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How to activate Tangible T4 when launch from DSL Diagram?

Nov 24, 2013 at 9:03 PM
Hi all,

First of all I want to thank your attention and sorry If my english writting skills are not good.

I want to know how I can "activate" the tangible syntax when I launch a Diagram.

To explain myself, this is the process:

I've created a DSL Diagram in Vsto2010, I've drawn all the Domain Classes with their Domain propertys, connection tools, shapes, etc...

For debugging this Diagram I press F5 and this launch other project called "Debugging" in which project I can draw all the shapes and connectors I've defined before, but when editing the templates .tt to generate code I do not see the Tangible T4 IntelliSense and I only can see plain text...

What is strange for me is if I open the Debugging project for myself (not with launch from diagram) I can see the .tt files with the Tangible T4 IntelliSense (Colours, etc...) but, open the Debugging project is not the solution cause I need to launch it from DSL project.

I hope you can understand what I'm talking about, really thank you.