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Migrating VS2010 Linq-to-SQL templates to the new framework

Dec 13, 2013 at 4:14 PM
Hi, Oleg,

In the 'T4 Toolbox for Visual Studio 2012' post, you mentioned that ready-to-use templates will not be shipped in future releases. Also some of the directives will be discontinued. So to migrate my existing Linq-to-SQL solution based on T4 Toolbox for VS2010 to the new framework, I need to
  1. Create a set of classes to support xml de-serialization through xsd.exe or another mechanism.
  2. Add code to de-serialize xml.
  3. Reuse the VS2010 Linq-to-SQL templates.
One of the problems I encountered with the existing solution is the inability to regenerate code on a machine without a T4Toolbox installation. Does the new framework eliminate this issue?